One-On-One Counseling

One-On-One Counseling

One-on-One counseling is available free of change to persons running a business.

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Start a Business

Start a Business

Starting a business is not easy. You need SCORE volunteers to help provide knowledge.

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Improve a Business

Improve a Business

SCORE offers a unique opportunity for current small business owners to develop plans, strategies and tactics to improve their business

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Information on starting a business

Starting a business is tough, SCORE is here to help guide you.

Don’t push ideas; focus on solutions

Posted by admin on Jan 11, 2015

Don’t push ideas; focus on solutions Published in The Tennessean December 1, 2014 By Ed Rappuhn – SCORE Nashville “Coworkers, customers, and even my wife, say I’m a bit pushy but I can’t help myself. How can I come across as having the other person’s best interest at heart?” I feel your pain. Most people believe their ideas are best and if others would just listen the world would be a better place. At SCORE, our counselors go through a training program that, when followed, makes our mentoring sessions much more productive. The...

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Resolve to improve your business in 2015

Posted by admin on Dec 29, 2014

Resolve to improve your business in 2015 Published in The Tennessean December 29, 2014 By Ed Rappuhn – SCORE Nashville “I need to improve my business. Where do I to start?” That’s a huge question and the answer differs based on what you are currently doing. In the spirit of the New Year, I have picked five resolutions for you. I will look closely at my business model. Starting with my Value Propositions (product and service offerings), I will make revisions based on evolving customer desires and/or competitive pressures. Next, I will look...

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Hard numbers matter in plan

Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2014

Hard numbers matter in plan Published in The Tennessean December 15, 2014 By Ed Rappuhn – SCORE Nashville “My business plan is almost complete. All that’s missing are the financial projections.” That’s like saying, “My masterpiece is almost finished, I have the canvas, idea and frame; all I need is the paint.” The financial projections are what investors or lenders find most compelling. To do your projections you will need a sales forecast, expense estimates, and a set of financial statements. Do research to develop realistic sales forecasts. Talk to potential customers and...

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This is what they say about us.


Bryan Hall

TDB Trading Enterprises, LLC.

I had been in business for almost 12 years when I saw an ad for SCORE and decided to contact them concerning a need I had for a line of credit.  What I found in my counselor, Tom Kelley, was a diamond in the ruff!  As a seasoned business executive, he understood my business from a standpoint that helped me to run day to day operations in a much more efficient manner.   From developing spreadsheets to calculate cash flow to assisting me in obtaining the financing I needed, Tom was so much more than I anticipated. He went way above my expectations in every possible situation and was hands on the whole time. It is a great feeling to have someone by your side when you are making tough decisions. Someone who will help make sure you make the right decisions that are best for you and your company.  Tom has become a trusted advisor and friend.  If you are starting a new business or need help with one that has been around for years, call SCORE and you will forever be glad you did.


Dr. Missy Eisenhauer

Physical Therapy Specialists of Tennessee

I began working with SCORE at the beginning when I only had a business concept.   I was assigned to a counselor who helped guide me to several great seminars offered through SCORE.

After I set up my LLC, I continued to meet with my counselor for guidance as questions arose. Sometimes, my questions were very specific, so my counselor arranged for me to meet with other SCORE volunteers that had specialized backgrounds in those areas.  I was able to get help in areas such as marketing, sales and cold calling, as well as, financial strategies.

I can’t thank my SCORE counselors enough for all of the help and guidance they’ve given me throughout the growth of my business. I feel that SCORE helped me to develop a strong foundation that has led to my success. I look forward to someday volunteering for SCORE so that I can help others succeed.


Sean Clem


Gradspring would not exist today without the help of SCORE. I began writing the business plan for Gradspring while working for another company in another state. I knew that I wanted to move back home to Nashville to start the business and knew that I would need help in two areas once I got here; completing the business plan and funding to get Gradspring off the ground.  At SCORE, I found both.

My SCORE counselor, Ed Rappuhn, went above and beyond the call of duty to help me achieve my goals. It’s directly because of Ed and SCORE that Gradspring is a going concern that’s been in business for almost two years. I would encourage any young entrepreneur to seek out SCORE and to take full advantage of the range of services that they offer to assist small business.