The SCORE Association is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the education and mentoring of entrepreneurs, helping small businesses start, grow and succeed. There are over 350 chapters with 13,000 members nationwide responsible for helping over 20,000 businesses start each year.

SCORE is a US Small Business Administration (SBA) resource partner comprised of volunteer mentors who are working or retired business owners, professionals and executives who share their wisdom and lessons.


The Nashville SCORE chapter provides business mentoring services and educational workshops to entrepreneurs and business owners located in the 30 counties comprising middle Tennessee.

Mentoring Services are provided by a staff of seasoned and experienced business executives to entrepreneurs in areas ranging from business start-up and creation to long term advisory board services.



SCORE Nashville is part of the national SCORE organization, a resource partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA) with over 348 chapters nationwide with  13,000 mentors. The Nashville chapter has 44 mentors many of whom are retired business owners or executives, although a growing  percentage are in-business volunteers looking to give back to the business community. Last year the Nashville chapter mentors with met  with, counseled or trained over 1700 small business clients and conducted over 42 workshops which were attended by 347 business owners or potential entrepreneurs.


SCORE provides one-on-one mentoring to start-up and existing businesses looking to improve their chances of success. These services are provided at no charge to small business owners. Advisory boards can be provided for small businesses and meet on a quarterly or semi-annual basis to help guide business strategy. SCORE also provides a series of low-cost workshops on topics such as How to Start a Business, Business Plan Development, Marketing, Selling Skills, Social Media/Internet Marketing and Accounting Basics. The Nashville chapter also hosts a TV show, “SCORE on Business” that airs on News Channel 5+ on weekends.


Small businesses are often started by entrepreneurs with great ideas but little business experience. By working with a SCORE mentor, these business owners can benefit from years of real world business experience. SCORE mentors are not consultants; they do not do the work for the business owners. Instead they provide guidance on how to do the work and review the owners’ progress as they move through the process. In the end, the entrepreneur owns not just the business, but also the strategic plans that he or she has developed with the guidance of seasoned business mentors.


SCORE mentors pride themselves on being “generalists” that help any type of business become successful. “In-business” volunteers bring specific skill sets that enhance the services SCORE provides. The chapter currently has members in the banking, legal and accounting and IT fields. SCORE’s clients benefit from this mix of full time mentors and specialists in the various fields.


Any small business owners that could use a mentor or business people (retired or not) wishing to give something back to the local business community should access the local SCORE website (www.scorenashville.org) to request a mentor, sign up for workshops, or to volunteer their services.  Contact Information:  Score Nashville, 2 International Plaza, Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37217; Phone 615 736 7621