Build Your Business Model



Learn how to visualize your business and it’s interrelationships on a single canvas

using Business Modeling. Your Business Model can be used to generate an investor pitch, as a preliminary step to develop your Business Plan, or most importantly, use it to manage your business through internal and external changes. In this workshop you will learn how each aspect of your business fits into the business model canvas.


We will discuss your Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Customer Relationships, and the Channels you use to get your value proposition into the hands of the customer.  We will then focus on the potential Revenue Stream generated by your value proposition.  Next we look at the Key Resources, Key Activities and the Key Partnerships which affect your Cost Structure.  By the end of the workshop you should have created an initial draft of your business model.



2 International Plaza, Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37217

(615) 736-7621     Monday – Friday, 9am-Noon