Recruiting, Selction & Retention



OK, now your business is doing well. In fact, you’re ahead of plan but now you have a success problem–you need to hire your first employee. What do you do?

The SCORE Recruiting, Selection and Retention workshop is the answer to your problem. This workshop will teach you how to bring your first employee on board and many others to follow.  It will include the issues you need to consider before you hire someone, the process to use, the keys to successful evaluating, and how to make an offer.  There is more to recruiting than interviewing and this course will teach you all you need to know.

In addition, you will learn the discovery process, how to evaluate the candidate, how to build a key relationship based on trust and respect, and how to gain commitment.  This course is essential to anyone wanting to build a successful company free of excessive turnover and turmoil.


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